Fiber Cement Sheet, EPS filled Duvarpanel


EPS polystyrene B2 burning class, Heat conductivity value 0.040 w/Mk-0.033 w/Mk.

  • EPS polystyrene B2 burning class.
  • Heat conductivity value 0.040 w/Mk-0.033 w/Mk.
  • TSE-825 operation temperature range from 75 to + 50o-CO.
  • Density 15 kg/m3 to 30-32 kg/m3
  • Coating thickness (shell thicknesses); 6 mm, 8 mm, 12 mm. Also our standard production is10 mm thick skins.
  • Insulation core(fill),  thickness 5 cm, 10 cm 12.5 cm, 15 cm ,20 cmare manufactured.
  • Duvarpanel 120 cm in width, thickness and length are manufactured according to the project as well.
  • Standard production length 120cmx300 cm.

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